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Our mission is to work hard to provide the best care and the best education for young children in a positive and nurturing environment.


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Parent Testimonials

Had a good experience with Lotsa ‘Tots Child Care and Kindergarten and would like to share your story? Submit a testimonial to us by emailing lotsatots@hotmail.ca.

Name: Jennifer

Message: I unexpectedly returned to work when my son was just 4 months old. Having him and my older child at Lotsa’Tots allows me to be at work without worrying about how my children are. They both love it there and have grown and developed so much over the past few months. I can’t imagine anywhere else for my kids!

Name: Brandie
Message: My child has attended for almost a year at Lotsa’Tots Childcare. She loves it and I love it!! The kindergarten program is amazing and has one of the most passionate teachers who is completely dedicated to her students success. I am grateful my child was able to be part of something so great.

Name: Arlene
Message:I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I appreciate the great work you are doing at the Day Care. My grandson… amazes me every day with how much he’s learned and how excited he is at the end of each day to see me and to tell me as fast as he can what he did ‘today’.

His language skills, for a two and a half year old are amazing to me and to all his Aunties and Cousins. He loves to sing, especially Christmas Songs now. He points things out to me continuously when we’re in the car or going for walks.

He loves his teachers and makes sure to yell and wave good bye to them every afternoon. And more often than not he has to give them a hug.

Name: Savannah
Message: I want to take the time to extensively thank you for everything that you have done for our family. You have instilled morals and knowledge in my daughter that I am eternally grateful for.

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